Typical 3-Day Schedule

Spring and Summer of 2016

Day 1 -                 8:00am                 Pick up is: (need a specific place that is central to everyone in Portland)  
                                8:30am                 Depart for Treo                
                                10:30am               Arrive at Wasco - start riding toward Condon
                                12:30pm               Lunch at the Cottonwood State Park      
                                1:30pm                 Continue onto Condon
                                3:30pm                 Arrive in Condon - board bus and head to the Treo Lodge
                                5:00pm                 Move into Lodge                                                            
                                8:00pm                 Dinner                  "Joyce Beckett  - Head Cook"
                                                                                     Rib Eye Steak with Breast of Pheasant &Homemade Pasta          
                                                                                                                                For 12 hungry Bicyclist
Day 2 -                 
                                7:30am                 Breakfast
                                8:30am                 Depart from Treo on bus to Hardman    
                                9:00am                 Start riding at Hardman to Kimberly
                                                                Short breaks along the way as needed
                                Noon                     Lunch at Kimberly   
                                1:00pm                 Continue onto the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center
                                3:30pm                 Depart back to the Treo Lodge  (option of swimming at the North Fork)
                                7:30pm                 Dinner                  "Joyce Beckett  - Head Cook"
                                                                                     Porterhouse Chop with Wild Rice          
                                                                                                                                For 12 hungry Bicyclist
Day 3 -                 7:30am                 Breakfast
                                8:30am                 Load luggage and board bus                       
                                9:00am                 Start riding from Hardman to the Columbia River
                                11:00pm               Break at the Ione City Park
                                noon                     Visit the Oregon Trail  
                                2:00pm                 Finish at the Columbia River
                                                                Lunch at the Arlington City Park     (option of swimming at Arlington)
                                6:00pm                 Arrive back in Portland