Fully-Supported Bike Tours


Hard to believe its been a month since Cynthia and I joined you, Dan, Jan, Kate and David for a couple of days of paved and gravel road riding. For the summer is moving by too fast. We leave for France in 3 weeks and then suddenly its fall.

I sure hope that the remainder of summer is a great one for you. I’m always curious to know how well you’re doing at Treo (how was Jennifer’s visit anyway?). I also like your new website. It does a fine job of addressing many of my questions–such as how many people you can accommodate and what those accommodations really are; your pricing structure is well explained; your support is wonderful; and of course your meals, I believe you’re finding what bicyclists like and how to prepare it.  You should provide a link to your hunting website, as I do like  the photos of people at the shooting range, as well as roping hay bales. Be sure to show photos of your workroom and saloon, when its ready.

Here’s some more random thoughts:

Phil you’ve come a long way over the year. Some of the concepts are very perceptive. One that pops out is the ability to pick up guests at the airport and have them riding, if they desire, within an hour—drop off at Arlington or Wasco, etc. The trailer seems to work just great, providing needed storage, dressing rooms, repairs, table, etc.

Bicycling is a cult with many sub-cults. This includes riders who prefer pavement only; those that prefer non-paved roads; mountain bikers; cyclo-cross riders; recumbent (bents); etc. The point being each group can be accommodated and conditions in and around Treo can easily accommodate each. Knowing what type of riding is desired, Treo can suggest routes as appropriate.

The condition of the roads is dynamic. While a road may have been constructed as gravel, its current condition may be hardpack, or the reverse might be true. The crux being that you need to be tuned into current road conditions. (For instance if a gravel road has been recently been bladed or oiled.) you also needs to be in contact with the State and counties regarding maintenance schedules so roads newly chip sealed or under construction can be avoided.

The ability to operate parallel routes would be great. Patrons will need to recognize that support will be limited in these cases. One way to help overcome this is better communication. While cell service for most carriers is spotty at best in the area, there apparently is reasonable local cell service that you currently use. Perhaps a plan with cheap dumbphones can be arranged and phones given to patrons to use for calling for assistance.

Phil, again, I wish you continued success and I’ll just have to convince more of our friends to join us at the Treo Ranch.

Ed Abrahamson