What Is Eastern Oregon

We have had glimpses of the North and Central Eastern Oregon attending the Chief Joseph Motorcycle rally and supporting Race across Oregon bicycling teams.

Our passion in the area grew from reading Steve Arndt’s travel books as well as books about the Ghost Towns of Oregon. This little bit of knowledge and experience made us realize that we could not tour this expanse on our own.

We have toured by tandem portions of Central Oregon and Washington. This relatively easy to do unsupported because of the number of towns that provide us water and if needed, support. Our experiences there confirmed that attempting to go it alone in Eastern Oregon was high risk.

Then we had the opportunity to scout routes and stay at TREO Ranch, which we found from Bikeportland. During our stay, we expressed an interest in looking for ghost towns as well as the usual point to point routes.

What we found as we toured, was that land was actually, harsh. With luck and determination early inhabitants could survive. If not, you perished or moved on. So touring here are monuments to our collective struggle. What little bit of pain we endured to ride was nothing compared to our experience being absorbed by the land.

The reward was a deeper respect for the country. It is vast and stark seen from a windshield. But by tandem the richness of the country is laid out before you. Whether it’s the wheat fields, pastures, meadows, canyons or the Blues, this country will steal your heart.

Daniel Morgan