A little bit of history.   

In 2015 TREO purchased a 20-passenger bus to provide transportation to and from Portland and Bend—as well as to provide the best SAG vehicle in Eastern Oregon.

In preparation for our TREO Bike Tours offering, we invited noted authorities in local history and geology for a day long field trip in our new bus to educate us on some interesting, unique, and share-worthy places we could share with cyclists. 

We traveled to the Oregon Trail routes in Cecil and in Fourmile Canyon, The Condon Paleontology Center, The Painted Hills, The Sage Center and ghost towns, long shuttered mills and abandoned homesteads all over Eastern Oregon.

Our specialists guided the TREO staff through the history, geology and the folklore of Eastern Oregon so that now we can share it all with you – by bicycle – with our full support.

Owner, Phil Carlson

Owner, Phil Carlson